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of special stackers

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Our products

4 way stackers

The 4-way trucks are used for the transport of long horizontal goods, such as wooden beams, steel or aluminium profiles, to be carried in narrow aisles and shelves to be stow into cantilevers.

Airport power pallet trucks

Due to our experience in airport goods transport, we have manufactured for several airports, specific trucks for handling cargo containers.

Stackers with reel core expander

The pedestrial stackers with reel core expander are useful to collect the paper reels from the central core to manipulate the reels in restricted areas. 

Pedestrian counterbalanced stackers

The pedestrian counterbalanced trucks are used to lift goods on pallet with all 4 sides closed al the bottom and ideal to be manipulated in restricted areas. 

Stainless steel and galvanized trucks

Stainless steel trucks used in special environments such as food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, where cleanliness and hygiene standars are requested.

Heat treatment furnaces stackers

The trucks for treatment in high vacuum are designed for specific products of big sizes and heavy loads to be fitted in the  industrial furnaces.

Pedestrian reach stackers

Pedestrian and stand on reach trucks are ideal to be operated in narrow aisles, for loading and unloading goods from high level racking. 

Tow trucks

The tow tractors are designed for specific needs, suitable for towing any type of industrial trailer from 1.000 kg to 30.000 kg.

Special trucks

Since 1951 we have been designing and manufacturing trucks on specific request. Therefore we are able to satisfy any needs to transport and manipulate all kind of goods. 

Power pallet trucks with tailor made forks

We make power pallet trucks with forks for euro pallet and designed, tailor made, for any special request to trasport any kind of goods. 

Platform power pallet trucks

The platform power pallet trucks are designed for bulky and heavy loads.

Reels - coils - bobbins power pallet trucks

Reels, coils power pallet trucks are manufactured on specific request to transport light loads and heavy loads up to 50.000 kg.

Design your customized stacker

CS Italia boats a long record in the production of special stackers.

Flexible and dynamic company, with competence and professionality, we are able to adapt to various customer needs, whether they are, capacity, size and design.

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