SBC OB X HD 2525
Stand on counterbalanced truck with two dashboards control capacity 2.500 kg lifting height 2.500 mm
General info1.1ManufacturerCSI s.r.l.
1.2ModelSBC OB X HD 2525
1.3Driveelettrico AC
1.4Operator typea volantino
1.5Load capacityQt2.5
Weights2.1Truck weight without batteryKg3700
Wheels and chassis3.1WheelsPoliuretano
3.2Wheels size frontmm350x140
3.3Wheels size rearmm350x100
3.5Number of rear/front wheels (x = Traction wheel)1x/2
3.7Rear wheelbaseb11mm900
3.9Overall width legsgemm1062
3.10Inside width legsgimm712
4.2Height mast loweredh1mm1890
4.4Lift heighth3mm2460
4.5Height mast extendedh4mm3220
4.15Height forks loweredh13mm50
4.19Overall lengthI1mm3415
4.20Length to face of forksI2mm2215
4.21Overall widthb1mm1062
4.22Forks dimensionss/e/lmm50/120/1200
4.23Carriage forksFEM 2A
4.25Overall forks width sizeb5mm240-620
4.31Ground clearancemm40
4.32Distanza da piano di lavoro a inizio forcam2mm40
4.34Aisle widthastmm3720
4.35Turning radiuswamm1992
Performance5.1Travel speed with/without loadKm/h4/6
5.2Lifting speed with/without loadm/s0,11/0,33
5.3Lowering speed with/without loadm/s0,5/0,2
5.8Maximum gradeability with/without load%2/3
5.10Service brakeelettrico
Motor6.1Traction motor S2 60 min.Kw3
6.2Lift motor S3Kw3
6.3BatteryPiombo acido
6.4Battery - voltage and nominal capacityV/Ah24V /420Ah
6.5Battery weightKg320
Dim. batteriaBattery sizemm1015/255/570h
Other8.1Traction controlproporzionale
8.4Noise level driver place<70

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