K9 SBM XT 60
Power pallet truck for euro pallet 6.000 kg capacity
General info1.1ManufacturerCSI s.r.l.
1.2ModelK9 SBM XT 60
1.3Driveelettrico AC
1.4Operator typeVolante
1.5Load capacityQt6
1.8Load distance to wheel axlexmm985
Weights2.1Truck weight without batteryKg750
Wheels and chassis3.1WheelsPoliuretano
3.2Wheels size frontmm254x100
3.3Wheels size rearmm80x100
3.4Additional wheels sizemm150x50
3.5Number of rear/front wheels (x = Traction wheel)1x+2/2+2
3.6Front wheelbaseb10mm500
3.7Rear wheelbaseb11mm370
Dimensions4.4Lift heighth3mm115
4.9Height of tiller (min/max)h14mm975/1535
4.15Height forks loweredh13mm90
4.19Overall lengthI1mm2150
4.20Length to face of forksI2mm1165
4.21Overall widthb1mm1100
4.22Forks dimensionss/e/lmm70/200/1150
4.25Overall forks width sizeb5mm570
4.31Ground clearancemm40
4.32Distanza da piano di lavoro a inizio forcam2mm20
4.34Aisle widthastmm2420
4.35Turning radiuswamm2175
Performance5.1Travel speed with/without loadKm/h3/6
5.2Lifting speed with/without loadm/s0.11/0.33
5.3Lowering speed with/without loadm/s0.5/0.2
5.8Maximum gradeability with/without load%1/3
5.10Service brakeelettrico
Motor6.1Traction motor S2 60 min.Kw2.5
6.2Lift motor S3Kw2.2
6.3BatteryPiombo acido
6.4Battery - voltage and nominal capacityV/Ah24V 420 Ah
6.5Battery weightKg370
Dim. batteriaBattery sizemm810/257/575
Other8.1Traction controlproporzionale
8.4Noise level driver place<70

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